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Career Outcomes


 Control and IC Group


Servo Engineer

Instrument Control Engineer

System Design Engineer

Electrical Control Engineer

Electronic Circuits Application Engineer

Digital Hardware Design Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineer

Engineer for Research and Development of Firmware

Engineer for Research and Development of Embedded CPU

 Electric Power and Information Group


Equipment Maintenance Engineer

Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Engineer for Power Distribution of Industrial Plants

In-plant Wiring Engineer

Programmable Logic Control Engineer

Power Electronics Engineer

Electronic Circuits Design Engineer

Electromechanical Control Engineer

Power Generation and Transformation Engineer

System Design Engineer

Firmware Engineer

Engineer for Research, Development, and Maintenance of Software and Hardware

 Medical Devices Group


Medical Instrument Design Engineer

Biomedical Instrument Design Engineer

Biomedical Electronic Circuits Design Engineer

Medical Instrument maintenance engineer

Assistive technology Developing Engineer

Medical Device Software Engineer

Engineer for Physiological Signal and Image Processing

Engineer for Medical Informatics Software

Engineer for Medical Database Management

Engineer for Medical Network Management

Molecular Bioinformatics Engineer

Biotechnology System Design Engineer

Bio-Optics Engineer