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Department Chairman:  Tsai, Ming-Tsung




Wang, Ming-Shyan

Distinguished Professor

Vice Dean of College of Engineering

Control Engineering, Motor Drive Control, Implementation of DSP Chips

Chiou, Juing-Shian

Distinguished Professor

Automatic Control, Intelligent Learning & Control

Chen, Shih-Chung

Distinguished Professor

Micro-processor, Sensor & Transducer, Electronic Circuit, Medical Instrumentation System

Chen, Seng-Chi

Distinguished Professor

Electrical Machine Design Practice, Intelligent Control

Tsai, Ming-Tsung


Department Chairman

Basic Circuit Theory, Power Electronics

Chen, Yeou-Jiunn


Associate Department Chairman

Hearing Aids, Digital Voice Signal Processing

Kung, Ying-Shieh 


Intelligent Control, DSP Controller, FPGA Design, Servo Control 

Chen, Pei-Jarn


Biomedical Engineering, Biosignal Processing, Medical Ultrasound, Meditronics

Wang, Chi-Jo


Control Systems, Switched Linear Systems

Hsu, Cheng-Ting


Power System Analysis, Cogeneration, Power Quality

Chu, Ching-Lung


Power Electronics, Switching Power Supply

Sheu, Yih-Ran


Automatic Process, Remote Control, Micro-Controller, Intelligent Control

Wu, Kuen-Hsien


Horng, Jenq-Ruey

Associate Professor

Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Signal Processing, Biomedical Ultrasound

Yang, Hung-Chi

Associate Professor

Implanted Antenna, Nondestructive Testing

Huang, Hung-Ming

Associate Professor

Power System Analysis, Electric Machinery

Ling, Jeen-Min

Associate Professor

Power System Analysis, Computer Network

Tsai, Lian-Jou

Associate Professor

System Programming, Microcontroller

Wang, Hui-Ming

Associate Professor

Analog IC Design, AD Converter, Sigma-Delta Modulation

Chen, Yen-Ting

Associate Professor

Biomedical Engineering, Image Processing and Analysis, Biomedical Signal Processing

Chao, Chun-Tang

Associate Professor

Intelligent Control, Digital Signal Processing

Huang, Ji-Jer

Associate Professor

Biology Impedance System Design, Biomedical Image Processing

Lee, Tsung-Shiun

Associate Professor

Wireless Charging, Power Electronics, Energy Conversion, Piezoelectric Transformer

See, Aaron Raymond

Associate Professor

Biomedical Signal Processing, Neuroscience, Foreign Business Affairs

Hou, Chun-Ju

Assistant Professor

Healthcare Technology, Medical Informatics, Biomedical Signal Processing, Biostatistics

Li, Jeng-Han

Assistant Professor

Industry 4.0, Intelligent Robot, Intelligent Control

Hung, Te-Chun

Assistant Professor

Power Electronic, Power Converter Design

Shih, Jia-Shing

Assistant Professor

AIoT development , Cyber Physical System,   Green Energy / Energy Conservation , Cloud Computing , Virtualization, Communication Network, Mobile Network, Wireless Sensor Network

Huang, Kuan-Chieh

Assistant Professor

Energy storage system, Green energy, Microcontroller

Cheng, Tsun-Jen


Electronics, Automatic Control