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In accordance with the future of Taiwan's industrial development and current demands for domestic industrial development, the Department of Electrical Engineering of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology aims to educate capable individuals with expertise in Control and IC, Electric Power and Information, and Medical Devices.

 Active research areas include the following topics.

Control Chip Design and System Integration Technology

  • Design and Application of AC and DC Motor Servo-Control Chips
  • Design and Application of Multi-Axis Servo Motion Controls
  • Design and Application of Intelligent Chips
  • Visual Servo Research and Implementation of Visual Servo Chips and System Integration
  • Remote Servo Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Research and Application of Internet and Power Network Monitoring Systems
  • Personal Robot Research and Implementation of Personal Robots
  • Implementation of Related Mechanical / Electrical Interfaces, Control Mechanisms, and Software Programming for Virtual Reality

Electric Power and Information Technology

  • Design and Application Research on Renewable Energies, Solar Photovoltaics, Wind Power, and Fuel Cells, etc.
  • Network and Multimedia Applications
  • Development of Intelligent Control Processes for Improving Cogeneration Functions
  • AC and DC Servo Machine Controls and Applications
  • Microcomputer Applications and Monitoring Techniques
  • Single-Chip Drive Controls and Chip Design Techniques
  • Developing High Efficiency Maintenance, Detection, and Monitoring Techniques for Electrical Equipment by Applying Vibration, Microwave, and DSP Controllers


Biomedical Electronics Technology

  • Biosensor study
  • Applications for Bio-Detection
  • Medical Image Processing Technology
  • Nano-Bio-Chip Design
  • Wireless Biosignal Extracting and Analysis, Study of Animal Behavior Wireless Monitoring
  • The Study of Clinical Bio-Optics Applications