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A message from the chair

Dear prospective international students,

Thank you for your interest in our English-taught international programs. Since 2007, our department has extended the warmest to welcome friends around the globe and started the international master's program. One year later, we were delighted to see international students coming over seeking Ph.D. degrees. It is our hope that our international programs will be playing a vital role, not only in STUST's campus, but also in regional cooperation throughout Asia and beyond.

Establishing firm collaborative partnerships with academic institutions around the world had been one of the most important emphases of our department. To this end, we were much pleased to welcome more than 20 visitors from 9 countries in the past two years. Our department also regularly invites scholars around the world to give speeches or short courses.

The Department of Electrical Engineering currently has 35 full-time faculty members in three research groups: Control and IC, Electric Power and Information and Medical Devices. We emphasize hands-on experience and collaboration with the industry in addition to classroom learning. Constant reflections on the research contents and their meaning in terms of values of innovation, contributions to industrial advances, and impacts on human beings serve as main themes in our graduate programs.

We look forward to your applications and hope to see you in the campus soon.

M.  T. Tsai, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering