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Department Goal

We aim to equip capable individuals with expertise in Control and IC, Power and Information, and Biomedical Electronics.

Characteristics of Curriculum

In response to the national goal for upgrading the industry, and the goals set forth by the nearby Tainan Science Park, we offer a comprehensive system of courses emphasizing electrical machinery, electronic circuit analysis and design, IC design, emerging energy technology and biomedical technology.

Future development

  • We will continue our efforts in our existing research areas: Control and IC design, Power and Information and Biomedical Electronics. We will further strengthen our links with industry.
  • We will continue our endeavors on exclusive technologies and patents developed by our colleagues from 19 research laboratories, the Intelligent Robot Center and the Biomedical Electronics Center. 

History of the Electrical Engineering Department

1969 - Department of Electrical Engineering and two-year junior college program established

1972 - Establishment of the five-year junior college program

1996 - Establishment of the two-year undergraduate programs granting Bachelor of Science degree

2000 - Establishment of the MS degree program

2004 - Ph.D. program offered

2007 - English-taught International Master's Program offered

2008 - English-taught International Ph. D. Program offered