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See, Aaron Raymond

Name:Aaron Raymond See

TitleAssociate Professor and Director of Student Affairs - Office of International Affairs

DegreeSouthern Taiwan University of Science and Technology / Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering




ResearchEngineering Education, Project Based Learning (PBL), International Relations Development, Biomedical Signal Processing, Neuroscience


Courses offered this semester: Smart Appliance Project Design, Human - Machine Interaction Design Practice, Independent Study, and Electric Circuits



Journal articles

1.      Huang JJ, Syu HY, Cai ZL, and See AR. (2018) “Development of a long term dynamic blood pressure monitoring system using cuff-less method and pulse transit time,” Measurement, Vol, 124, pp. 309-317.


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Conference papers

1.      Baldovino R, See AR, and Bugtai N. “Development and Future Trends in the Application of Visualization Toolkit (VTK): The Case for Medical Image 3D Reconstruction”, 3rd International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering (ISBE) 2018, Jakarta Indonesia, August 2018.

2.      See AR, and Wang CJ. “A Different First Day in the Physics Class at STUST,” 3rd International STEM Education Conference (iSTEM-Ed 2018), Bangkok, Thailand, July 2018 (4pp).

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4.      See AR. “From Exams to Learning by Doing - Team Based Projects in Freshmen Physics at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology,” 2nd International STEM Education Conference (iSTEM-Ed 2017), Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 2017 (5pp).

5.      Chen SC, See AR, Liang CK, and Lee YY. “Evaluating the Performance of the P300-based Brain Computer Interface for the LEGO Page Turner,” 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Engineering Systems 2013, Kaoshiung Taiwan, December 2013 (6pp). (EI)

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8.      See AR, Chen SC, Ke HY, Su CY, Hou PY, and Liang CK. “Hierarchical Character Selection for a Brain Computer Interface Spelling System,” Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Innovative Computing Communication Technology (INTECH 2013), pp.415-420, London, UK, August 2013. (EI)

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16.  Liang CK and See AR. “Heart Rate Variability Analysis for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD),” 2009 Annual Symposium on Biomedical Engineering, 2009, pp. 165-166.


MOST Projects

2017 school year

1.      Taiwan-Philippines International Collaborative Project – “Development of a remote physiological monitoring system for pregnant woman care” MOST grant number: MOST 106-2218-E-218-003-MY2


2017 school year

1.       2017 Corning Future Innovator Team ROX First Place: (NT$300,000)

2.       2017 Corning Future Innovator Team TDS Excellence Award (NT$ 10,000)

3.       2017 Kaohsiung International Invention and Design Expo (2 Gold Medal and 1 Silver Medal)

4.       Administrative Service Certificate of Merit – 2017 Service First Prize Special award

5.       2017 Young Pin Design Award (Taiwan Gift & Houseware Exporters Association Excellence Award) (NT$10,000)  


2016 school year

1.       2016 Kaohsiung International Invention and Design Expo (Gold Medal, Indonesia & China Special Award)

2.       2016 Panasonic Green Living Invention and Design Competition (Excellence Award) / (NT$ 5,000)

3.       Best class adviser award


Ministry of Education Projects

2017 school year

1.      Vocational Schools’ Professional English Multimedia Learning Project / Funding: NT$ 489,380

2.      Ministry of Education Study Abroad Program- International Internship program at LX Innovative Solutions (Philippines) Funding: NT$ 432,000