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Wang, Hui-Ming

NameWang, Hui-Ming

TitleAssociate Profession

DegreePhD. in Department of electrical engineering, National Cheng Kung University




ResearchAnalog integrated circuit designanalog/digital converterSigma-delta modulation

Courses:Computer-Aided Circuit Designanalog circuit design、Windows Programming Language Practice、Signals And Systems


MOST Projects


2014 school year

1.          Project no. : 12102001-EDU”The design and implementation of dualband wireless communication  with LAN and WAN application”project leader103/01~103/12amount : NT 900,000


Academia and Industry Collaboration Projects

2017 school year

1.      Enterprise projectProject no.: 14001070194,「Technical Consultant for IOT products(III)、Sapido Technology, Inc.、107/02~107/09project leaderamount NT 400,000


2016 school year

1.      Enterprise projectProject no.: 121060484,「Technical Consultant for IOT products (II)、Sapido Technology, Inc.、106/08~107/01project leaderamount NT 200,000

2.      Enterprise projectProject no.: 121060091Technical Consultant for IOT products、Sapido Technology, Inc.、106/02~106/07project leaderamount NT 500,000


2015 school year

1.      Enterprise projectProject no.: 121050296,「The circuit design and implementation of 2.4GHz wireless transceiver module with piezoelectric material for batteryless operation、Lih-Yuan Electronics Co. 、105/07~106/01project leaderamount NT 500,000


2014 school year

1.      Enterprise project Project no.: 121030455,「WDS implementation of multi-station AP router、OPCOM Technology, Inc. 、103/1~103/12project leaderamount NT 250,000


Graduated Master Theses

1.      Wei-chih Hung、graduated at 2009、master、「The CMOS circuit implementations for a Sigma Delta modulator with element mismatch averaging feedback switched-capacitor circuit

2.      Chi-yuan Huang、graduated at 2009、master、「The design of a multi-mode Sigma-Delta Modulator for GSM/WCDMA applications

3.      Wei-Kuo Chang、graduated at 2010、master、「Design of a 10-bit 20MHz Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converter

4.      Chen Po-Hung、graduated at 2010、master、「Design of a 10-bit Successive Approximation Analog-to-Digital Converter

5.      Shu-Chin,Hsu、graduated at 2012、master、「Circuit Design and Implementation of a Portable Wireless Broadband Router with Rechargeable Battery



2012 school year

1.      An official secondment to Amigo technology, Inc(Taiwan stock IPO no:6241)General manager100/8-102/7