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Wang, Chi-Jo

NameWang, Chi-Jo
DegreePh. D, University of Wisconsin, Madison
ResearchAutomatic Control SystemsEngineering education innovation      
CoursesCalculusResearch methodology, academic writing and ethicsScience and technology English


 Journal articles

1.      Aaron Raymond See, Hong-De Chang, Chi-Jo Wang, Chao-Tang Yu, “Project based learning and team based learning for freshmen physics at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology,” The Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, April 2018.

2.      Chao, C.-T.; Sutarna, N.; Chiou, J.-S.; Wang, C.-J (June 2017). Equivalence between Fuzzy PID Controllers and Conventional PID Controllers. Appl. Sci. 2017, 7, 513.


MOST Projects


1.      具即時心音減弱功能的肺音電子聽診器之研發:原型建構


Academia and Industry Collaboration Projects


1.       印尼大學「教師培訓合作案」


Graduated Ph. D. Dissertations

1.      孟成彥,博士論文,Electronic Stethoscope with Heart Sound cancellation based on FPGA, June 2014. (與趙春棠教授共同指導)